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Physical Plant

Photos of the physical plant are available here.

Facility Rental

Information about rental of the facility is available here.

Archive of Updates during 2012-13
from the Parish Advisory Council (PAC) on the future of ACC and Blessed John XXIII:

St Chads’ leadership has informed our Parish Advisory Committee of their final decision to leave the ACC. This was not the decision the majority of our parishioners had hoped for, but it is clear that further offers of assistance from our Parish will be to no avail. While the partnership will eventually be dissolved, no decisions have yet been made about timing or other legal and financial issues. The process is likely to take up to one year or more, and for the moment, our Parish continues all its activities on the basis of “business as usual.” Meanwhile, your PAC is working proactively to investigate legal and financial avenues for dissolving the partnership, including ways Blessed John XXIII could continue alone. As in the past, when the facts are known and options are developed, they will be presented to parishioners for discussion. Once Blessed John XXIII collectively comes up with a plan, it will be subject to approval by the Archdiocesan Finance Council, after which Archbishop Weisgerber has indicated he will approve it. Please pray for the success of our Parish, and transmit any concerns or suggestions you may have for the PAC through Father Gerald, (, Elsie Rosler (trustee), Al McMurdie (Parish Finance Council & trustee), or Michael Rennie (Parish Pastoral Council).
[July 2011]

Update: June 2012 ACC Agreement Letter as read out at all Masses June 30 & July 1, 2012.
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Update: 2012-11-03: The five-year business plan developed by the B John XXIII Parish Advisory Committee has been approved by the Archdiocese of Winnipeg. The next step is formulation of an offer to the Assiniboia Christian Centre.

Update: 2012-11-10: The Parish's proposal to the ACC owners to acquire its building and property will be conveyed to the Diocese of Rupert's Land and the Parish of St Chad early in the coming week. Details of the proposal, together with the Parish of St Chad's response, will be included in a full report to our Parish once the negotiation process has been concluded... (See bulletin for more information).

Update: 2012-12-30: St. Chad’s Parish has responded to the proposal from our Parish to the owners of Assiniboia Christian Centre, Inc. to purchase the Centre. In early January, Fr. Gerald and the Parish trustees will meet with St. Chad's Rector and wardens to seek a consensus between our proposal and St. Chad's response. Our legal advisors will assist in this process. Please continue to pray for all who are involved.

Update: 2013-01-13: On Thursday, January 3, 2013, both pastors, trustees and wardens of Blessed John XXIII and St. Chad’s parishes met to review the proposal and response. Our legal advisors will assist us in the process of summarizing the meeting. The summary report will be forwarded to the Bishops. Once they have had an opportunity to look through the report of the meeting, a meeting with the ACC owners – the two pastors and the two bishops – will be set. The legal advisors will continue to assist us. Please continue to pray as we work to resolve this matter and consider the future for our respective parishes.

Update: 2013-09-14: Listen for announcements at all Masses this weekend; information will also be posted on the door of the Office.

Update: 2013-09-21: The owners of the Assiniboia Christian Centre have announced they have reached agreement. Blessed John XXIII Parish will purchase the ACC building and continue to operate. St Chad's Parish will leave the facility on 2013-10-31. A celebration of the shared history of the two parishes will take place at the Centre on 2013-11-02.